Anytime Weekly Membership

Anytime Weekly Membership

Weekly Anytime Membership

Never have a bored child again!
With the weekly membership you can drop into Kidzplay literally whenever you want for as long as you want absolutely FREE. Give your child the gift of the space to play today.

Rather than paying one-off entrance fees we have a membership option that means you can visit as many times as you like, and receive significant discounts in Centre

Don’t Pay Entry Fees Again

Its our anytime weekly membership, from £2.50 for the first child. With our memberships you are not “locked in”, you can cancel at any time.

Want the membership for more than one child?? Extra children can be added for just £1.00 a week – just increase the number of people at the checkout

You can cancel whenever you want by simply logging in and cancelling your membership. It’s an incredible offer not to be missed

Visit Kidzplay as often as you want, whenever we are open, completely for FREE!!

Visit us whenever and as often as you want!

There are no complicated forms, no hassle, no sign up periods, to cancel you just log into your account and cancel the subscription. you are in charge

I can guarantee you will really use this membership, you will be really surprised how often you drop in when you have half an hour spare.

Kidzplay Membership Comes With A Whole Host of Other Benefits Too

– Take a look here – View the membership benefits

Terms and Conditions

This membership is easy to set up and cancel when you are ready. It doesn’t however give you priority entry at busy times, to view all the terms and conditions please click here

Select the Number of Children you Require:

By Selecting a Membership you understand a recurring payment will be made from your selected payment method until you cancel