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Help Us To Keep Developing the Play Experience For Your Child In Lockdown

Buy Vouchers to Little Bees To Help Us Create The Best Play Places In The UK for Your Little Ones

Every Bee Theatre

Although you may not be able to visit Little Bees for the next few weeks, it doesn’t mean we rest on our laurels. We will keep putting 100% effort into making the centres the absolute best places they can be for your children, and this lockdown will be no different.

We have plenty of plans, we want to further develop the “pods” so they have busy walls for young toddlers, create booths for parties (bit like the Every Bee Theatre if you have visited Little Bees Harrogate) ,  put in a two storey play village into Leeds, and improve the soft play frames in both centres.

To achieve everything we want to we really need your help and I promise the Centre you come back to will be worth the wait.

Honeycomb Village

It is really simple to help us, just purchase advance vouchers today . You can buy as many multiples of £5 as you want and we will match however many you buy. For example if you buy £5 we will add £10 to your customer account and you can use this credit to purchase entry or parties when we can re-open in the future. There is no time limit on the voucher, we will leave the credit on your account for forever, so you can re-visit whenever you feel comfortable, or you can save it for a party in the future.

By buying advanced vouchers you will get:

  • A new improved centre to visit when the Goverment finally gives us the green light to re-open
  • You are directly supporting the team of people who have worked tirelessly throughout 2020 to make Little Bees a very safe and secure place for your kids to visit
  • You will be first in line to re-visit as soon as we can re-open – we will book people in the order that the advance vouchers are purchased

For every advance voucher you buy we will match the amount and add as a customer credit amount to your account. You will then be able to use the credit to pay for entry and parties when we can re-open.



Add As Much Customer Credit As You Would Like By Increasing The Quantity, We Will Match Every £5 purchased with £5 extra in Credit to Use On Entry And Parties When We Can Re-Open

£5.00 inc VAT